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Friendship Foundation
215, Amrutha Ville Apartments
Opp : Yashoda Hospital
Raj Bhavan Road
Hyderabad 500 082
P.No : +91-40-23047274
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        The Friendship Foundation is governed by a board of trustees, who take key financial and administrative decisions on the working of the organization. The list of trustees of the Friendship Foundation are:  


1. Dr. M. Prakasamma – Founding Trustee
2. Mr. M. P. Thomas
3. Mr. Vikram Adity



    The Friendship Foundation welcomes anyone concerned about community related and environmental issues to join as members in the organization. Individuals aged below 25 can join as primary child/youth members, and those above 25 as adult supporting members. The membership fee for either is 1,000 rupees.

    How to join?


Interested persons are required to fill in the application form as given below, following which they will be granted membership. The completed form can be emailed to vikram_aditya_99@yahoo.com, or posted the address given below. The membership fee is payable as cash, cheque or DD on the name of Friendship Foundation payable at Hyderabad and addressed to Vikram Aditya, 215, Amrutaville Apts. Rajbhavan Road, Somajiguda, Hyderabad, 82, AP, India.


    Membership form :

  Full name:
  Date of Birth:
  Parents/gaurdian’s name (in case of child members):
  Telephone number:
  Mailing address:

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