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    Community forest conservation in the Vikarabad forest range:

         The Friendship Foundation has undertaken extensive studies in The Vikarabad forest range in Ranga Reddy district, Andhra Pradesh. The Foundation worked with VSS (forest protection committee), set up under the Joint Forest Management scheme of the forest department in several villages in the range.The aim of our project was to empower village VSS committees to initiate planting of species native to

scrub forests instead of alien and non native species. The project aimed to teach farmers about the ill effects of using alien species Such As native habitat loss, fragmentation etc.

    A study on water pollution in connected water ways of Nizamabad district :

          This project addressed the issue of severe with water pollution in three connected water bodies, Bellal Lake, Alisagar Lake and Jankampet Lake, drained by the Manjeera river and discharging into the Godavari river. Pollution from charcoal dust, molasses and other effluents from industries in the vicinity, particularly from a sugarcane industry on Bellal, caused destruction to

aquatic life in these lakes. This project aimed at minimizing airborne pollution in the three lakes, most notably the Bellal. This was achieved through awareness raising of school children and youth around the lake communities, clean up drives aimed at reducing solid waste around the lakes, and plantations around the lake banks aimed at reducing and filtering water borne pollution.

    Afforestation to promote native scrub diversity of the Deccan plateau:

             Native scrub forests of the Deccan plateau have become increasingly threatened because of widespread deforestation and lack of protection. Through this project, the Friendship Foundation aimed to recreate a scrub ecosystem in small plots in order to save the last of the Deccan scrubs. This project strived to achieve a perfectly balanced scrub ecosystem in the selected

plot, through the random planting of scrub species collected from nearby reserve forests, in the same order of ecological dominance as present in the forest.

    Training farmers on agricultural trade practices in order to insulate them from the     impacts of trade injustices :

              Traditionally, subsistence farmers inhabiting the dry Deccan plateau region cultivated a variety of minor millets and oil seeds seasonally. While not fetching them profits, this practice ensured that the farmers had basic food security. After the establishment of the WTO, large quantities of oil seeds are continuously being dumped by rich countries at below production prices, bringing down the demand for local oil seeds and concomitantly affecting the margins of farmers. Our training helped them better understand the dynamics of the international trading regime, and their rights enshrined in the constitution and guaranteed to them by the Indian Farmers Rights Act, 2001.

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